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Intentionalism is a new way of approaching life so that you are your most productive and happiest.

There is little to no information currently on the internet about Intentionalism.

In a nutshell, Intentionalism is about asking yourself the question:

“Why Do I Do What I Do?”

…and being happy with the answer. It’s the intent behind your actions that is important.

If you’re happy with the answer to that question, it shows that you’re living that area of your life properly.

If you ask yourself:

“What Are The Emotions I Feel On A Regular Basis”

And you’re happy with the answers you’re finding, then you have inner peace.

If you ask yourself:

“How Do I View Myself?”

And you’re happy with the answer it shows you have high self esteem.

If you ask yourself:

“Why Do I Own The Things That I Do?”

And you’re happy with the answer then that’s great.

Intentionalism is at the core of both Essentialism and Minimalism. Deciding to be more minimal in life may not get you very far if what you own has a reason for being owned when you ask yourself why you own it.

All other personal development philosophies come down to Intentionalism, and being intentional with how you live your life.

Intentionalism is about questioning and carefully examining different areas of your life. Even being intentional in the process of doing that.

Intentionalism is about creating a life that you’re happy with instead of just going with the flow.

3 Steps To Live Your Life With Intent

Step 1 – Stop Following The Status Quo

If you don’t create your own life, someone else is going to create it for you. It’s going to be under someone else’s intentions. If you do normal things, you will get normal results.

It’s about directing the flow of your life towards your own desired outcomes and putting in effort and thought to make those directions.

I don’t want to live a normal life. I want to be abnormally fulfilled. I want to have abnormal inner peace. I want to be abnormally successful and I want to have an abnormal impact.

There are so many people who are skating through life with zero intent on what life actually means for them and this is unfortunately “the norm”.

And in order to do that I can’t do “normal things”. I have to do abnormal things.

And so Intentionalism is reasoning by principals rather than reasoning by analogy.

Reasoning by analogy is just doing things because other people are doing them. Where as reasoning by first principles is breaking things down to their core parts and reassembling them in a way that makes sense to you.

So really ask yourself:

  • Do you want to get married?
  • Do you want to have kids?
  • Do you like the job that you’re in?
  • Do you like living in the city you grew up in?

A life of happiness and fulfillment is creating answers to those questions and living that into reality.

But the #1 thing that is stopping people from living the life they want is caring about other people’s opinions.

Step 2 – Stop Caring About What Other People Think

Why are you on social media? Is it only because other people are and you feel pressured or FOMO?

To live a life with intent you must let go of all notions of what other people will think about your decisions and why you’ve decided to make them for yourself.

Step 3 – Keep Your Core Values in Check

Your core values are like a compass.

Through the chaos of life you should always be able to look down and always be pointed in the right direction towards an incredible life.

And you have to understand that your self is a sum of all the decisions you’ve made.

Every decision you’ve ever made has led you to the next decision you’ve had to make, which is where you’re at today.

Either your decisions are leading you to a great life or a bad one, or somewhere on that spectrum.

And there are 3 Core Values that can lead you to have a fantastic life.


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